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Ballroom Dancing for Kids at Siti Dance Studio

Junior Program

As with all languages, there is no better time than childhood to learn the languages of dance and music. It is important that children have a basis in the social, physical, and musical elements of dance during their formative years. Your child will thank you for the rest of his or her life. With our special junior classes, you can give your child a head start in fitness, coordination, creativity, sportsmanship, and self- confidence that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Group Classes

Siti Dance Studio has designed a special group class program for our junior students. We believe that a group class environment teaches many healthy dance benefits, but also life long lessons. One of the most important goals for the group class is to master basic dance skills of musical rhythms and proper steps. The highly trained instructors diligently work with the groups to learn and improve new techniques, while mastering those previously learned in private lessons.

Siti Dance studio's group classes are also designed to give the children a healthy competitive environment, in which students are more motivate to achieve in a group class setting, and instructors can compare students' improvement to that of their peers.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are offered by appointment with any of our instructors. Private lessons provide students with more in depth and thorough knowledge of the technical and performance aspects of dance. One of the most crucial and important  factors of private lessons is the ability to customize the lesson program specifically to the student's needs. Private lessons give children to ability to learn at their own pace with no pressure. With individual attention from an instructor, a student can progress through proficiency levels faster than students who only take group classes.


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