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Adult Social Dance Lessons and Dance Parties at Siti Dance Studio

Adult Social Dancing

Adult social dancing can be a great way to enjoy the company of others. Most special events will have some dancing, so it pays to get a couple of dance lessons to make you look good. Ballroom dance lessons pay many dividends over a lifetime.

Dance is the expression of your soul. In African cultures, each tribe has its own dance. The Latin dance demonstrates the fire, passion and energy of the culture. The Ballroom dance shows sophistication and organized movements.

When you dance, you become closer to your partner. You share movements and work as one entity. Positive human contact is essential for a positive healthy life.

With social dance you can get a mild aerobic workout. Many senior citizens prefer adult social dancing to keep them alert, aware and active. Dancing can increase your body metabolism. It can also help with weight loss.

Are you shy at the weddings because you are not sure of the right steps? Why feel alone when you could take some adult dance classes? You will learn the proper step patterns, expressions and hand positions at a premier social dance studio.

The Siti Dance Studio has Latin and Ballroom dancing taught by highly certified instructors. In fact, your teachers are world-renowned ballroom dance champions. Learn social dances from the best.

There is no need for social dance to be scary. With good ballroom dancing classes, you can feel more comfortable out on the dance floor. You know that the next wedding will have a dance opportunity. Ensure that you will be well prepared.

You will find a friendly environment at the premier Siti Dance Studio allowing you to slowly learn the best moves. You will be encouraged and assisted to reach your full adult social dancing potential. When you need dance classes, remember Siti.

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Every Friday at 7:30pm
The same dance will be covered the whole month.
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Dance Parties

Siti Dance Studio holds regular dance parties for all student members. Bring friends, coworkers, family or someone you know that is interested in learning how to dance. Join us to have some fun and enjoy dancing with the instructors and students in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Dance to the tunes of Latin and Ballroom and have fun practicing all the new dance skills you've learned in your private and group sessions. We look forward dancing with you!


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This Special Promotion entitles you to one 45 min. private lesson and one 2 hours studio social dance party while teaching you how easy it is to get more fun out of life through better dancing!

"My dance hobby had turned the corner once I found Siti Dance Studio.  I had previously learned dance steps at other studios, but now I am truly learning how to dance through Evgeny and Inna.  Their mastery of the sport and their love and passion for dance has elevated my dancing to a whole new level.  Evgeny and Inna are very warm, welcoming individuals, but are also patient, energized, enthusiastic and creative teachers.  Their love of dance is infectious.  Their knowledge and expertise in dance is incomparable.  They encourage your individuality and creative expression throughout your lessons and performances. 
All the instructors at Siti Dance are excellent teachers, and their enthusiasm for dance shows through their demonstrated teachings with students of all ages.   Whatever your dance goals may be, social, competitive or both, Evgeny and Inna are the best of the best!"

Cathy Fullam, Siti Dance Student of 4 years.
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